Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Google Packages -Part3

This simple ad which took half an hour to create made us $309 (Approx. Rs.
14,000). Not bad for a five day work. This costed us around $.05 per click. WE spent
$5.00 for 100 clicks initially then went for more as the income grew.
Let’s recap. In this section we learnt:
1. What is affiliate Program?
2. What are sponsored and non sponsored links on Google?
3. What is a lead?
4. How this can generate a huge income?
If you can answer the questions above, you can proceed further.
Now we will learn more about the affiliate program providers (APP) that we
need to join. You can join either, join all or one at a time (But we suggest you only join
first 2 at this stage, & when you are comfortable with things, you can join other ones
also). I am listing them below as per my ratings 5 being the best and 1 being the last.
This does not mean that the programs listed below 5 are not good. They also have equal
5. hqp://www.cj.com/
4. hqp://www.clickbank.com/
3. httv://www.shareasale.com
2. hqp://www.clix-aalore.com
1. httv://www.linkshare.com
Now how to register for http://www.cj.com?
Click the link below to open the application:
https://si nup.ci.com/member/publisherSi nUp.do
Now follow the instructions below to signup for http://www.cj.com.
1. Select the language
2. Country
3. Currency as USD United States Dollar
4. Then Next
5. Accept the Service Agreement
6. Check the box under Privacy Policy
7. Check the box which certifies that you are 18 years of age (You should be 18 years
of age to participate)
8. Write your website name or newsletter name (if you do not have a website write
something like Best Stores, eBay seller or anything else)
9. Now delete http:// if you do not have a website
10. Select the Category
11. Select the promotional method
12. Select "No" in this section which says that your website offer incentive to your
You can now follow the rest of the instructions. At the end submit your application.
Now, after you have registered, you can choose the programs within the website.
Now after this step you need to apply for the programs you would be promoting. Now
you can follow the steps below to apply for the programs:
1. Open http://www.cj.com
2. Login using your username and password
3. After you login click on Get Links
4. Now you will see the categories of advertisers
5. Choose the ones you would like to promote
6. Apply to the programs.
To begin you can choose the programs like eBay, monster, freedegreeinfo, loan,
credit cards, screensaver, etc. but we should think a bit more about the programs we
need to join. We have fair bit knowledge of dating, colleges, auction, loans and credit
cards. It's always better to choose the programs which you know about. Why? You can
then understand what as a customer you would want. Let's take an example. If you had
taken a loan earlier from any of the bank, what all you checked before taking loan? You
must have gone for a reliable name. You must have then compared the banks. Then you
must have chosen the one that was best for you. Similarly, the other person would also
do. So while choosing and applying for the programs, you need to put yourself under
your prospect's shoes. Then, you would understand the needs of your prospect. Once
you have done these, go for the programs and apply for as many as possible. Once you
get approved, start advertising. We have tried a unique way to attract visitors. What do
we look out for while registering for a program? We all look out for detailed
information. Now, if we provide a bit of detail about the program and tell why they
should choose this? Chances are that most people will go for it. Remember, this is why
we said pick up the programs that you know more about. If you are unaware of
something, go ahead and devote a bit of time studying the same. Once you have
knowledge, you can help people to choose. Now you would ask how we can provide
detail without a website. Now we have found a solution for this too. You can go ahead
and create a free website at:
We will cover it later. If you have a bit of knowledge of HTML, you can create
a website offline and upload it directly. Do not worry if you cannot create a website.
There are several other ways using which you can advertise your program. But believe
me it's not tough to create a website.
Now you need to choose the products or services which are in demand. Now
you will be tempted to go for the ones which are high paying. We would not say that's
wrong. It depends on you. If you want to make more money with lesser efforts, what's
the harm? You might get rejected initially by few of them, but you need to keep
reapplying. If possible you can contact the advertiser and let them know that you are a
potential publisher and if given a chance you would do wonders. For few of the
programs you would get approved as soon as you apply to them. For the other one's you
need to wait for about 2-3 days before they approve you. Once you are approved you
can begin your work.
Advice: We would suggest you to browse CJU online to learn about the
functionality of CJ. It is a good tool. Once you are logged in to your account click on
CJU Online and then click on publisher to learn more.
How to get your affiliate link?
Once you are logged in to your account click on "Get Links" tab. Then click on
"By Relationship" tab. You will get a list of advertisers that have approved you. You
can also check your pending applications here. You can get your links from here
alternatively you can also get your links by selecting the advertiser from "My
Advertiser" section which is at the bottom on the main page, then clicking on "Go".
You will get a pop up window. Here, you can choose the link types you want. If you
wish to get a banner link click on banner or else click on text link. Now, once you click
on text link or a banner link, on the next screen you can choose the one which you want
and then click on "Get HTML". You will see the code which would look like:
<a href="http://www.tkglhce.com/click-1792119-10368280" target-"top"> <img
src="http://www.afcyhf.com/image-1792119-10368280" width="257" height=" 160"
alt="" border-"0"></a>
If you are choosing a banner link, you can copy and paste the whole code to
your website. If you are planning to use the Adwords, (explained later) all you need to
choose is this part:
hllp://www.dpbolvw.net/click-1969272-10424056 from the code above.
This is your affiliate link.
In this section we learnt:
1. Which affiliate program providers to apply?
2. Which programs to apply?
3. If not approved what to do next?
4. Learn how to get your affiliate link?
If you can answer the questions above you can proceed further.



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